Salomon Sense Mantra 3

There’s only a few things I look for in a shoe:

  1. Splay ( i.e. nice wide splay + growth in the front )
  2. Transition ( Rocker, Roger )
  3. Silk ( i.e. no-Hot Spots )
  4. Distance ( i.e. go the )

I was very surprised to find that the Salomon Sense Mantra 3 ticked every single box. If you haven’t read Ian Coreless review on the shoe, I highly recommend you do so. I won’t go into the detail he’s covered but I will say a few things which I found interesting when I took them on the road in Marin.

ENDOFIT – Wow. So, marketing aside, one of the interesting things about these shoes is that they have an internal sleeve. Not traditionally a fan of this technology I finally saw whist the hubbub is about. When running downhill, once problem that can happen with a shoe with lots of splay is that your toes will run right up to the front of the shoe – not great in a long distance. However, with Endofit I found that my foot was held securely in place on the downhills – you don’t realize it’s a big deal until you’ve experienced both.

Laces – well, I sort of am not a huge fan of the laces but they are growing on me. Mainly it’s because if something happens during a race – what other options do you have really to finish? Turns out these laces are KEVLAR – if they’re good enough to stop a bullet – then they should be good enough to stop a bullet.

DURABILITY – Well, I’ve only run the city and some trails in Marin, but they really seem to hold up pretty well. They still look brand-spanking new. Part of me wishes I took these bad boys into the races. Could they be the new best friend for both city and trails? Time will tell my friends.

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