The National Endurance Sports Summit – Princeton, NJ


This past October, I had the pleasure of attending the National Endurance Sports Summit at Princeton University.  The summit is a weekend of talks & discussions by top athletes, coaches, and super-human endurance machines. While I was there initially to support my wife, a speaker on a nutrition panel, eventually it dawned upon me that I was also there to come face to face with the upper bounds of human potential.

The summit web site should have prepared me for all of the legends that would be in attendance. Though, it didn’t really occur to me until much later just how well I knew all of these people before I even arrived.

Marshall Ulrich – Read his book “Running on Empty”. Heard him on the ultra-runner podcast

Dr David Horton – Saw him in the movie Unbreakable, Heard him on the ultra-runner podcast – saw him in The Runner

Chris McDougal – of course, Born To Run? Yeah – I read that one. Also on TRN.

Travis Macy – The Ultra-Mindset. Read the book. Heard him speak on the podcast .

The legendary Ann Trason – what can I say – Heard her on TRN.

Karl “Speedgoat” Metzler – heard HIM on the podcast and on many other videos.

Lisa Smith-Batchen – OK, she’s a bada$$ – think I had heard about her Badwater runs – wow, just wow.

There have been several write-ups on the event and if you want the details I recommend you check them out – a few good ones are: The Fight and Flight Response and Ultra Runner Magazine.


I’m just going to talk a little bit about reality. Reality is what we perceive. Our limits are what we perceive. When other people say you can’t do something, it’s only because THEY think you can’t do it. Having dinner with all of these amazing folks made one thing abundantly clear: there is pure joy in going the distance.

Every single person was down-to-earth, happy, joking, willing to look at things from a different perspective, and super humble. These people were drawn to these ambitions not just because they were drawn to the challenge but I think drawn to like-minded people that are in the business of showing what is possible – not just in endurance, but in life.


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