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What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

For those that have yet to understand the relationship between a daily practice and a sustainable and creative life, this is the book for you. More than any other book, this one stands out for it’s author who leads by example in beautiful autobiographical prose.

Confessions Of An All Night Runner

 Dean is older now but his message still rings true: listen to the voice inside of you, put one foot in front of the other and just RUN!

Finding Ultra by Rich Roll.

You know the man. You know the podcast. His book is still an awesome journey of a recovering lawyer turned into healing guru of all things ultra.

Eat & Run.

Scott Jurek is truly an amazing person. And this book tells his story in some detail. It’s equally wonderful because it includes various Vegan recipes that even the most die hard meat-lover would be hard pressed not to explore.

Run Fast. Eat Slow.

It may take a lifetime to get through all of these amazing recipes but I plan on doing just that in the coming decade. Really a wonderful way to take advantage of your mile caloric deficit.

Natural Born Heroes

The man that started it all (on barefoot running anyway) takes another swipe at uncovering the raw nature of Crete and some of the fundamentals that under pin our modern world.

Chi running

Is an interesting take on running form – it’s a worthwhile read for no other reason than some of the fundamentals around ease of motion ring true.

Relentless Forward Progress

The bible for ultra-running guidance from the author of If you’re getting ready for your first 50k or 50 miler you can’t go wrong with this guidepost.

Touching The Void

The most compelling story of climbing ever told. It’s impossible to believe that it’s all true and if you haven’t read this stop what you’re doing right now and go out and read this.

Running On Empty

Marshall really is one of a kind. His accomplishments are only matched by his tenacity and genuine goodwill at kicking life in the teeth. Never use old age as an excuse not to do anything worthwhile. Ever. Oh, and kiss your toenails goodbye baby.

Field Guide To Ultra Running

Hal is the man. His book is a decent read and more of a guide that I love to refer to than a full on adventure read.

46 Days

A true record breaking attempt on the appalachian trail. It’s hard to explain just how hard it is to navigate this beast.

Damn Few

An interesting look into the training regime of the Navy Seals. Specifically, it lets you know all about mental toughness and the will required to push yourself beyond the breaking point.

Living With Seal

A wonderful first-hand look at the famous Navy Seal David Goggins, who lived with Jesse and gets him into the best shape of his life. But it’s more about that – it’s about not accepting your perceived limitations. Ever. Period.

My Life On The Run by Bart Yasso

The mayor of running basically. Bart is a really nice guy and tells a compelling story of trials and redemption. Lovely book.

The Ultra Mindset

This one really is cool for the weekend warrior. It talks about how some of the concepts you utilize on the trails and how you can apply them to life. Travis is all a genuine nice guy, teacher and all around class act.


Hollywood Movie aside, the book is still one of the better recaps of going it alone and learning how to navigate the unknown.

One Step Beyond

A book out of New Zealand. Aside from the insane challenge this guy took on in the name of his family, it also is a clear advertisement for taking two months off and hitting ALL of the trails around New Zealand – really incredible.

Iron War

Not really into the Ironman but this book peals back the layers and unpacks a rivalry for the ages. It’s interesting too about the training methodologies and the shift from the old guard to the new guard (pain vs perseverance – low heart rate training vs. turn and burn, etc. )

Once A Runner 

Just a classic. Don’t call yourself a runner until you’ve read this one.

The Maffetone Method

A good read – finally someone qualified to have an opinion.

Lynne Cox

Well, if you haven’t heard of this women than you were born too late. People rarely achieve such things any more.

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